Living My Life In Flo

Yesterday, I was super motivated to be a “tourist” in Florence and woke up early to go to the Ferragamo museum before class. It was raining, and of course when I got there, the museum was closed because they were installing the next exhibit and it doesn’t open until April 20th – fail.

Then I just killed some time, got a coffee, used some wifi and then went to art history class. We are learning about the Romanticism era and French artists right now. After art history, I had my pairing food and wine class. We made a pesto pasta with vegetables, a chicken and vegetable relish dish, and a chocolate cake. I made the pesto and helped with the pasta. Then last night, I went out to dinner with my AEPhi friends, Jenna, Allie, and Liza for my birthday since they weren’t here this past weekend. They took me out to dinner at Acqua al Due, which is known for their blueberry steak. It was delicious! Dinner was late, so I didn’t get home until around midnight.

When I got home, I had to book my train ticket for Rome for Thursday afternoon because I’m flying to Prague from Rome. I booked the ticket, paid online, and then when I looked at the date, I booked the wrong date. Go meeee!!!! So I panicked and looked up if it was possible to switch the train and everything. I emailed the company and asked them to help me. After emailing them, I explored the website some more and I figured out a way to change my ticket. But now I’m not sitting with my friend who I’m traveling with. Whatever. At least I am on the right train now and with no extra cost.


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