I am doneeeee!!! Woohooo! This afternoon I finished up all my midterms. Such a relief. This week has been super busy. Monday I didn’t have a midterm but I still had so much studying to do. I had Italian class on Monday (but our midterm was today, Wednesday) and our teacher brought us this traditional Italian Easter bread/dessert for us to try. After class I met up with Sari at Anna’s Snack Bar and capped up and studied for our Art History exam. There was sooo much to memorize! I don’t understand how Michelangelo was so damn productive in his lifetime…we stayed at Anna’s until 7:15 then I went home, had some dinner and then had to study for my food and wine class. Okay people, this class is NOT A JOKE. Studying was not an easy task. I had to do reading about the process of wine making and history of Italian cuisine. Very boring and dry material.

So on Tuesday I had my Art HIstory and food and wine class and to be honest, I think they both went a lot better than I expected them to, so that’s good news. When I was done with those tests it was time to go on to the next…Italian and history of Italian TV broadcasting (easily one of the worst classes I’ve ever taken in my student career).

In the midst of all my studying, I made a new cover photo for the Hello Dolly! Facebook page. It’s “spring break” themed in honor of it being spring break season.

Today I had my Italian and TV broadcasting tests. I think they also went well. Midterms were way better than I thought but there was a lot of studying necessary. It’s tough to study with all the traveling and lifestyle adjusting that we do. Obviously school is important, but it’s definitely harder to focus here than at IU because our lives are so different here and we don’t really have a set “routine.”

But now the good news! It’s officially spring break! No more class or exams until April 2nd. Here’s the plan:

So tomorrow evening, my friend Brooke Maher from Indiana (who I stayed with in Barcelona) is coming to Florence. I’m going to give her a nice tour of Florence during the day on Friday and then Friday night, we have tickets for an overnight train to Vienna!!! We leave at around 10:00PM I think and we get to Vienna at around 8:30AM on Saturday morning. We are in Vienna until Monday (March 25) afternoon and then we are going to take a train to Budapest. We don’t have a ticket for that yet, but it should be easy to get and I think it’s about 2 hours. Then on Thursday (March 28), we have a flight to Venice. This will be my first Ryan Air flight experience…wish me luck. In Venice, Brooke’s roommate, Christine, is meeting up with us. We’ll be in Venice until Saturday (March 30), then we leave on a train for our last destination, Milan. We’ll only be in Milan for a day and a half and then it’s time to train back to Florence on Sunday (March 31) and Brooke and Christine are flying back to Barcelona. Sunday, March 30th is Easter and then Monday is Easter Monday. I’m actually excited to be in Italy for Easter.

It’s going to be nuts! There are a lot of very religious Catholics here. I want to go to the duomo and see what’s going on! I think there are a lot of festivities taking place, but I’m not 100%. We’ll seeeee!

Well that’s the plan. Of course nothing abroad goes according to plan, so we’ll see what really happens with spring break. I can’t wait! I’m so excited.

The traditional Italian Easter dessert bread that our teacher brought us

The traditional Italian Easter dessert bread that our teacher brought us

Here's the new cover photo for the Hello Dolly! Facebook page. If you haven't "liked" the page yet, check it out at: www.facebook.com/HelloDollyTV

Here’s the new cover photo for the Hello Dolly! Facebook page. If you haven’t “liked” the page yet, check it out at: http://www.facebook.com/HelloDollyTV


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