I Made It to Dublin

After a very long day of traveling, I finally made it to Dublin! So this afternoon, my two roommates Amanda and Rachel and I went to the duomo to pick up a cab from the taxi stand. We got to Florence and went through security with no problems. The airport is tiny. We had to fly from Florence to Frankfurt to get a connecting flight to Dublin. The flight from Florence to Frankfurt was about an hour and a half.

We landed in Frankfurt at around 4:30 and had to hang out in the airport until our connecting flight took off…at 10:00PM. So we had a very very long layover. The wait honestly wasn’t bad though. We just hung out, talked, and had to do a lot of walking because we had to switch terminals and what not. Of course at 9:30, our flight was delayed for 30 more minutes. There was free wifi but it only lasted for a half hour so we strategically waited until the last half hour of waiting to use it. Finally, after a delay and a gate change, we were on the plane to Dublin.

We flew on the airline Lufthansa. I was miserable during the flight because my stomach was hurting and the last thing you what to be doing is sitting in a confined airplane seat. Finally we landed, got our passports checked, and then grabbed a taxi. Oh and there’s a time difference here. It’s an hour earlier in Dublin than in Florence.

We got to our hotel, the Blooms Hotel, and boy oh boy is it abroad central. I’ve already seen a billion people that I’m friends with and I know that this is what the rest of the weekend is going to be like. We got a double room for 4 people to split. We lucked out because there are two double beds rather than just 1 full size bed, which our friends got. It’s me, Rachel and Amanda (two of my roommates in Florence), and Stephanie Miller is staying with us tonight. Jenny Siegel is coming tomorrow and staying in our room instead of Steph because Steph has a different room.

I really didn’t see much of Dublin yet, but from what I saw in the cab ride over, Dublin is so cool! It’s super casual, it’s young, it’s different, it’s great! Can’t wait to start my Irish adventures tomorrow and to see Jenny Siegel! I’m currently sharing a twin size bed with Stephanie Miller. I am so exhausted. Time to go to sleep!


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