Day Trip to San Gimignano

Well last night Giggles and Sklare ended up crashing at our apartment.

Everyone wanted to go back to Kikuya for some dragoons, so we went back. Then Sklare and Giggles just ended up coming back with me, Sari, and Lane and they just stayed over.

So in the morning, Lane and I woke up because we were going on a day trip with our program to San Gimignano. We got up and Sklare and Matt just stayed asleep and we left them here. We met up with the group to take the bus for the day trip. Only 12 of us were on the trip…no one else showed up.

San Gimignano is about an hour away from Florence, it is an old medieval village. We climbed up one of the towers and got a great view of the Tuscan country side. It was super windy, so taking pictures was a little bit of a difficult task because our hair kept getting blown by the wind. We walked around, saw a church, and then since there were so few of us, Milva and Lucca (the program leaders) got us all lunch. Oh yeah, and their daughter Dafna came on the trip too. She’s 4 and was so cute. We went to this restaurant and had antipasti and risotto. There is so much wild boar in San Gimignano so we got to try it. I wasn’t really a fan, but I think it was probably a mental thing where I didn’t like the idea of eating a wild boar rather than how it actually tasted. They also bought us gelato which was so so good. Since there was left over money, they bought us each a salami and cheese which I’m planning on saving to bring back home because I know how much my mom loves salami and cheese.

Then it was time to go back to Florence. We went home and just chilled and then met up with Dylan, Giggles, and Katie and all her friends for dinner. We went to Dante’s, it’s across the river. We had a reservation for 9:30, but we were 20 minutes late so they didn’t have our table ready for us, so we waited for one hour, no joke to be seated. We ended up eating at 11:00. We were sooo hungry. The food was pretty good though. I got steamed spinach and grilled chicken. It’s so hard to find good, clean, simple food like this here! There is just so much pasta, pizza, etc. that it makes it almost impossible to eat healthy.

Dinner was fun though, and then everyone wanted to do their own thing. Lane’s friend from high school that I actually know was in Florence, so we met up with her friend Chelsea and her other friend, Brian Barr. Hilarious that I saw him. I haven’t seen him since I was 13. Katie and all her friends just went home and Giggles and Sklare went to Space.

I went back home and was sooo tired because I didn’t sleep much the night before and woke up super early for the day trip, so I was dead asleep when Lane came home. I just woke up and had no idea that Sklare and Matt ended up sleeping here again. Lane said that they called my phone last night but I was so tired that I slept through the entire thing. Oh well!

The well in San Gimignano

The well in San Gimignano


On top of the tower that we climbed up

On top of the tower that we climbed up


A woman playing a harp and singing

A woman playing a harp and singing



The group at lunch

The group at lunch


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