Sushi and Sauna

Well let me just quickly fill you all in on yesterday’s craziness. So when we woke up yesterday morning, still no wifi…so we called our provider and tried to get to the bottom of the issue. I decided to just leave the apartment and go to the school to use the wifi there. Guess what? Wifi was out. Apparently there was a national problem with a ton of telecom internet providers. Some server in Bologna went down and they had to shut down a lot of their customer’s wifi throughout Italy. So that sucked. After a couple hours, it came back at school and at home. Oh yeah, and it was Dash’s birthday yesterday (my ridiculously cute bulldog). Happy birthday Dash!

I had an Italian quiz yesterday which went very well I think! Then I had my TV Broadcast class then came back home. I had some dinner and then got dressed to go out. I went downstairs to meet Katie and Sari at the end of my street and we all walked over to the train station together to buy a ticket to Rome. We are going to Rome tomorrow!

We then met up with Zorn and all went back to Katie’s apartment. We went out to Kikuya. Alex from Bus2Alps (the program that we went to Interlaken with) was there. Kikuya was cool! It’s a small little pub/bar and they have these beers called dragoons that are VERY strong. They taste really bad, I swear they have poison in them. If you ask the bartenders for a lollipop, they will give you one to suck on to hide the flavor of the dragoon. After Kikuya we went to Naima, and then home. Early night.

So today, I woke up, worked out, then Sari, Katie, and I went to meet up with Jillian from Bus2Alps for lunch at a sushi place. It’s called Sushi Nami and it’s actually pretty good! At the restaurant, Jillian told us that a bunch of the other Bus2Alps people were coming to meet us. Cool. So we basically were sitting in on a Bus2Alps staff lunch hahaaha. So yeah, the restaurant was good! It was 10 euro for all you can eat sushi. I got miso soup, a tuna roll, and salmon sashimi.

After lunch, Sari, Katie, and I decided to go to the gym to use the sauna. It was sooo nice! Really really really hot, but it felt good. We also went into the hot jacuzzi tub. It’s rainy today so it was nice to do something warm.

We’re meeting up to go to Yellow Bar for dinner and then we’re planning on having a quiet night since we have a 9:00AM train into Rome tomorrow morning. We are going to see my friends Dylan Sklare and Brooke Maher. Can’t wait! Hopefully we’ll be able to navigate and figure everything out okay. It’s supposed to be rainy this weekend which is a bummer, but oh well!

Posted this on Instragram in honor of Dash's birthday

Posted this on Instragram in honor of Dash’s birthday

Lane and I at Kikuya with our lollipops

Lane and I at Kikuya with our lollipops

Sushi in Italy at Sushi Nami

Sushi in Italy at Sushi Nami

I doodled this in class. Leaving for Roma tomorrow!

I doodled this in class. Leaving for Roma tomorrow!


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