Interlaken to Florence. Only a 9 Hour Adventure.

So on Sunday, we all woke up at around 8:30. I took a fab shower (not.) at Balmer’s and got dressed for the day. The showers were so ghetto at Balmer’s. You had to hold down the button for the water to to go, like a public bathroom sink faucet. We all went down for breakfast, used our last breakfast vouchers, and then all went back up to our room to grab our stuff and checked out. We all put our bags in a room at Balmer’s to keep there until we left for our bus. Our bus was scheduled to leave at 4:00PM and at this point it was 10:00AM and we had nothing to do. So what did we do? We went to hang out with our pal Sheppy at the Irish Pub next door.

There honestly wasn’t much to do in Interlaken, besides look at how beautiful it was. Especially because everything costs so much fricking money in Switzerland. So we went over to the pub and sat at this table where there is an individual beer tap. You get to pour your own beer at your own table. It’s swwwweeet. We chilled at the pub until around 2:00PM. Some of the Bus2Alps staff members came to hang with us. We know how much they loved us. Our relationship with them was kind of like we were the campers and they were the counselors. We loved them!

After the pub, we went to our favorite and most gourmet restaurant in all of Interlaken. The coop grocery store…the only place where we could get food for a decent price. We got some deli meat and called it a day. We walked back to Balmer’s, ate some lunch, got our last fix of wifi before the ride back to Florence, and grabbed our stuff to walk towards the bus.

I was determined to get the best seat on the bus. I literally ran in front of every single person and left extremely earlier to go and save the seat for Katie and I. We got the seat where we could put up our feet and the TV was right in front of us. This time we weren’t squished and the ride was so much more comfortable. About 2 hours into the ride, we hit some traffic in the middle of a tunnel underneath the alps. We were there for AN HOUR AND A HALF. It was awful. we did not move an inch for an entire 90 minutes. No joke. Miserable.

Finally, we got out of the tunnel, kept driving, and stopped at around 10:00PM at a rest stop to get some snacks and for a bathroom break. We got back on the bus and drove straight to Florence. We got to Florence at about 1:15AM. We walked back to our apartment from the train station where the bus dropped us off.

Overall, Interlaken was great. It was so so so beautiful and it was such a great opportunity. I am so lucky that I have the opportunity to see all these amazing places that most people never get to see in their life. I want to take advantage of traveling. Even though this abroad experience has put a serious dent in my bank account, I am so happy to spend every penny and nothing that I do is a regret. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I know that I have to take advantage of every moment.

It was so fun spending the weekend with my 7 new friends. It was like a weekend at camp in a crappy hostile. It was so fun and a really great bonding experience.

Good morning ladies! Time to rally and rage

Good morning ladies! Time to rally and rage

All of us with Sheppy, the owner of the Irish Pub

All of us with Sheppy, the owner of the Irish Pub


Welcome to Balmer's!

Welcome to Balmer’s!

We got the best seat on the bus!

We got the best seat on the bus!

Views from the bus

Views from the bus





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