Well We Made It to Interlaken!

Myself with my 7 friends signed up for a trip to Interlaken with a student traveling program called Bus2Alps. They have tons of different trips and they organize the transportation and accommodation.

We met up with the group at 7:30PM at the Florence train station, about a 10 minute walk from my apartment. When we got on the bus, we all had to sit separately because the bus was so packed. Luckily I got to sit next to my friend Katie. The bus ride was around 7-8 hours. They played movies on the bus and there was one rest stop where we got to go to the bathroom and get some food.

Finally, at around 4:00AM we arrived in Interlaken. We went straight to the hostile where we are staying. It’s called Balmer’s and it’s this cute little cottage. We stay in rooms with 10 people. All of our friends are together, so it’s good.

We went to sleep for a couple of hours and then woke up at 7:30AM to start the day. Lane, Sari, Katie, Meghan, and Lauren signed up for skiing. I was too scared to ski considering I’ve only skied once, when I was 8, and I’m extremely injury prone (my two broken arms from last year…), so skiing didn’t seem like a good idea. Instead, Merel, Zorn and I bought a train ticket to go up the mountain to explore and see the mountains.

So we bought a ticket for a town called Wengen at Balmer’s and we got on the train and we missed our stop…so we went all the way to the top of the mountain. The top was beautiful! Completely white. Snow everywhere, people skiing. It was cloudy/foggy/snowy, so it was hard to see all the mountains.

Zorn and Merel and I went to a restaurant at the top of the mountain and they got sodas…they were 7 franks. No thank you. Everyone was staring at us because we weren’t skiing so they had no idea what we were doing at the mountain. There was a really cool huge teepee with a cafe/bar inside. Of course, we got stared at inside the teepee, so we left.

We got back on the train back to Balmer’s. When we were on the train, the conductor told us that we had the wrong ticket and didn’t have a ticket from the top of the mountain to Wengen. We knew that. We got lost and missed our stop. He told us we had to go with him when we got to Wengen to talk to the ticket people. So when we got to Wengen, we stayed on the train, the conductor went outside and tapped on our window and told us to get off. We got off and went to the ticket office with him where he explained to the ticket people what happened. We told them we were lost and didn’t know what to do and didn’t have money on us. They got the manager involved who told us that we were stupid and we told him we were completely lost and didn’t know what to do and that our money was at our hostile. He said to us, “GO AWAY!” So we walked out and waited for the train and didn’t even get to see Wengen.

When we were waiting for the train back to Interlaken, the manager came up to us and told us that we were stupid again, and that we’re lucky they didn’t call the police…we missed our stop and were lost!!!!!

When we got back to Interlaken, we went to an Irish pub. This place is so expensive. It’s ridiculous. After the pub we walked to the casino. Such a joke. Zorn only bet about 5 franks and won 30 franks! No way did I bet anything. It scares me.

Sari and Katie met us at the casino and then me, Sari, and Katie walked to the grocery store so we could buy cheap food to eat for dinner so we didn’t spend 30 franks on a meal. I got turkey and an orange. Gourmet.

We walked back to Balmer’s and then hung out with all the Bus2Alps staff and other students until Metro was open. Metro is literally the only place to go out at night in Interlaken and it’s in the basement of Balmer’s. It’s hilarious. So all the students all hung out at Metro and then we actually made it to bed before midnight since we had such a long day.

By the way, I don’t have my computer so I can’t upload all my photos. Just pictures that I take on my phone.


Merel, Zorn, and I before going to the top of the mountain

Merel, Zorn, and I before going to the top of the mountain

The teepee bar at the top of the mountain

The teepee bar at the top of the mountain

Train station at Wengen

Train station at Wengen

Sari, Katie, and me in Balmer's before Metro

Sari, Katie, and me in Balmer’s before Metro

Balmer's felt like camp

Balmer’s felt like camp


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