Actually Starting My Life Abroad

So yesterday was my first real day in Florence! I mean that in the sense that yesterday was my first day of classes, so I really felt like I was starting my life here. I woke up early yesterday and went to the gym. Through our program, we all have a membership to a really nice gym called Klab. It is right around the corner from my apartment, great location. I ran into a new friend at the gym, Sam Schneider. We walked on the treadmills next to one another and were talking about our classes, and realized that we had our first class together, beginner Italian! The machines at the gym are pretty interesting. Different than in America. No Arc trainers or fancy ellipticals. But overall, the gym is VERY nice.

Since I live so close to the gym, Sam offered to come back to my apartment with me so I could shower and then we left to go buy our Italian language book. You have to pay for everything in cash here, it’s so annoying!!!! The book was cash, everything is cash! Sam and I grabbed a coffee before class in an internet cafe and then headed to our class on via del faenza.

There are only 8 girls in our Italian class. The teacher is completely Italian and we went over proper Italian pronunciation. Now I know that the street, Via del Giglio isn’t pronounced (jig-lee-oh) but is properly pronounced as (gee-lyo) (hard g-sound).

I only have one class on Monday which is very nice. I met up with Stephanie Miller after class and we walked to Brandy Melville, the clothing store, with her roommate Chessie and my roommate Lane. I bought a tank top and a sweater. I came back home after and ate a little food and watched the Beyoncé Superbowl half time show which she ROCKED.

Then last night we went to a dinner hosted by Lorenzo de’ Medici. It was at el Palazo Borghese, a GORGEOUS palace in Florence. At the end of the dinner, Smiller, Lane, and I each stole a bottle of diet coke, whoops!

This morning I started my day at the gym again. Sara Smoler met up with me and we walked to the indoor market. I bought some lemons, oranges, and delicious dried strawberries. I went home to shower then went to class. My class is in Piaza Strozzi. It is an art history class, focusing on art from the renaissance period to modern art. Sari Cohen is in my class which is fun. The school is located on the fourth floor which is quite the hike. It’s brutal! The classes are also 2.5 hours since they only meet once a week, so we had a break in the middle of class. We talked about Leonardo Da Vinci paintings today.

Then from art history, I walked over to via faenza for my pairing food and wine course. This class seems like it’s going to be fun. My teacher was born in America and moved to Italy when she was 10, so she speaks English very well since she is technically American. This woman knows her stuff. We went on a walking tour for about an hour today. Our teacher pointed out some great restaurants in Florence! We saw some good gelato and pastry shops. Everything looked sooooo good. After the walking tour, we went back to the classroom and our teacher cooked us this pasta dish that was known as being for poor people since the ingredients are so cheap. All you need is pasta, olive oil, onions, and bread crumbs. We drank a rose wine with the pasta.

After class, I met Sari and Lane at Massimo Leather to order my leather jacket!!! I am so excited! It is so great. It’s a black leather jacket with a big collar and zippers. Totally motor cycle-esque and awesome. After Massimo, we went to a gelateria and this little restaurant/bakery which my teacher had pointed out earlier in the day during our walking tour. The gelato place is called Venchi. Oh my god. We had little tasters. It is amazing. My teacher told me that the less fluffy the gelato, the better, because the fluffy gelato is just pumped with air. When gelato melts quicker, it’s better. At the little restaurant/bakery, we got hot chocolate. Not American hot chocolate, but it’s way thicker and you eat it with a spoon. Delishhhhh!!!!!!

Then we went back to the apartment and I made a very gourmet dinner! Chicken and sautéd peppers and onions.





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