Leaning Tower of Pisa

I had a great day!!!!! We went to Pisa, and we took tons of pictures with the leaning tower of Pisa. The tour guide showed us the Cathedral in Pisa and the Baptistry and the leaning tower. Very interesting fact is that they actually added weight to the opposite side of the leaning side to counter-balance the lean. Very smart, very cool, very expensive. They charge a lot of money to climb to the top of the tower to make up for the extra weight added. We didn’t climb up, because it was too much.

Pisa was only a short day trip. We got back to Florence at around 2:30. It took about an hour and a half to get there. We didn’t do anything when we got back, but we went out tonight and it was so fun.

I looked up cheap restaurants in Florence to find somewhere to eat, and this place called Il Giova popped up. It actually wasn’t that cheap, but we all agreed that it was BY FAR THE BEST ITALIAN FOOD WE HAVE EATEN. It was sooooo authentic. The area we were in (past the Plaza del Santa Croce) was only Italians, no Americans, which made everything so much better. We told the restaurant that it was Sari’s birthday again hahaha so we, and about 20 other Italians sang happy birthday to her. I had ribbon pasta with meat sauce and then we all had this unbelievable chocolate cake with coconut on top for dessert. The website that we found the restaurant on said that you can’t go to this restaurant without having some of this cake.

During the meal, I asked the neighboring Italians where the young Italians go out at night because we wanted to find them and go out where they were! We were told of a couple places that we MUST try. This restaurant was unbelievable. The food was incredible. No one spoke English, it was so authentic and in a completely Italian area of Florence.

We went to this pub called the Lion’s Fountain after dinner. The place was cool. It had all these American university t-shirts and the walls were COVERED in signatures of people who had been there.

Sari, Katie Demiranda and I sat at this back table with three Italian men that spoke absolutely no English. It was so fun. We communicated even though we had a language barrier. They told us how to say “peace” in Italian because we kept saying “due” since you hold up two fingers hahaha

They also wrote “pacha” (peace) on the wall of the bar and they wrote my name on the wall too. Except, they wrote my name as “Dolluy.” Whatever.

After Lion’s Fduntain, Merel, Zorn, and Lane left to go to another bar called twenty one. We walked Katie’s roommate (Meghan) back home and we stopped at this Gelato/waffle place and told the guy we only had two Euro for a Nutella waffle that usually cost 6 Euro. We got it, and it was delish!!!!!

Then after dropping off Meghan, on our way to Twenty One, we stopped at this place near the carousel which only had Italians. It was bumbing. Everyone was so trendy and it was amazing. We met this guy who was with his friends and was a fashion student in Florence who used to study at Purdue (wwwwwww!!!! Go hoosiers!!)

Even though this place was kind of expensive, it was so worth it. I didn’t come to Europe/Florence to hang out with Americans…I want to meet Italians and make friends with them!!!



Dinner at Il Giova

Dinner at Il Giova

Our new friends doing "due" with us. Now we know it's "pacha," but it's more fun to say "due."

Our new friends doing “due” with us. Now we know it’s “pacha,” but it’s more fun to say “due.”



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