Kind of Getting Adjusted?

So I need to fill everyone in on yesterday and today. Yesterday we woke up and tried to look for something to eat for breakfast quickly, but it was a lot harder than we thought…who knew finding a little quick something for breakfast would be so hard! Eventually we found some mini sandwiches. Oh and by the way, in the mean time, still no luggage.

We met the group up at the duomo and went on a tour inside the duomo and then went on a walking tour of the city. It was beautiful! We saw the Ponte Vecchio (the bridge and river), lots of plazas, the replica of the David statue, and tons of other stuff! Then we had a break and some of my friends and I went to walk around. We went to the mercado centrale. There is tons of fresh produce and meat and cheese. Really beautiful food.

Then we had to go sign our permit of stay papers at the school. The bags still hadn’t arrived. I then walked around with a friend and just ran some errands. Went back to the school to check for our bags, still not there. Went back at around 5:00 and they had arrived. Then my friend and I lugged my two huge suitcases throughout the streets of Florence to my apartment. We had to carry the two huge bags up the 10 flights of stairs. Not a fun/easy task.

Then we went back to the school to get her bags and we took them to her apartment and dragged them up her 6 flights of stairs.

Then we met up with some more people and went to this restaurant called Zaza for dinner. It was delish! I got mussels. Very yummy. Then we went back to our apartment, got dressed, and went out to a club called Space. Fat Joe performed hahahaha total throw back.

Then today we woke up, went to the train station to meet up with the group to catch busses to go to Sienna. It took about an hour and 15 minutes to drive to Sienna. When we got there, we split into 3 groups and did walking tours with a guide. We saw cathedrals, plazas, and towers. It was very beautiful and old looking. Sienna is known for medieval culture. The views were gorgeous! I got my first Italian gelatto in Sienna. Delish. 1/2 Baccio and 1/2 Panna Cotta flavor. Yum!

We only stayed until 5:00, then went back to the buses and drove back to Florence. Lane and I went to the 99 cent store to buy some plastic bins to start organizing our apartment since it’s so basic and we have no drawers/surfaces or anything like that. Living simple baby.

We brought the bins back to the apartment, then met up with my friends Sari, Zorn (that’s her last name), and Merel to go to dinner at this place called Buca Niccolini right by the duomo. By the way, like everything is “near the duomo.” This city is so small!!!! It’s great! But this place was by the duomo and really good! I ate the best steamed spinach I have ever had in my life and my first pizza in Italy! Also very yummy.

One thing everyone keeps pointing out is that the bread here in Italy isn’t made with any salt and has absolutely no taste. It really isn’t that good which is actually a really good thing!

After dinner, we came home and unpacked. I am not 100% settled in, but hopefully by tomorrow, I will be! I will have to upload photos and stuff when I am more settled in. It is so late now, so it’s time for bed!


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