We Is Hereeeee

Finally landed and made it to Flo(rence). Unfortunately, our bags didn’t make it though….

At the airport, everyone was waiting around the baggage carousel praying that their bags made it on to the flight. Since we had a transfer flight from Rome to Florence, the second plane wasn’t big enough for all of our luggage. 100 bags didn’t make it. So now I am belonging-less in a foreign country. Grool.

My three roommates, Rachel, Amanda, Lane and I hopped in a cab at the airport and made it to our apartment. We made friends with our taxi driver, Leonardo, who taught us a little Italiano on the ride over. When we got to our apartment, our landlord Rosie met us and took us up to our apartment. We are on the 4th floor….up 5 flights of stairs. Not fun.

Our apartment is cute, but FREEZING. A man with the housing agency, named Rasib, came to show us how to really use the apartment. He hooked us up to Wifi (thank god.) and showed us how to use the heat, showers, kitchen, etc. Rasib is a good person.

My roommate Lane and I decided to go on a walk and explore our hood as roommates Amanda and Rachel took a nap. We walked through the leather market, which is literally right outside of our apartment. Obviously all the Italians tried to scam us into buying their leather goods. We found this little cafe and had a cappuccino and a little food. Delish coffee. Then we walked around some more and found a super market. Now we know where to go to stock up for our kitchen. We bought huge bottles of bottled water and lugged it back on our 10 minute walk to the apartment.

Tonight we have an organized dinner with our program which should be fun. I’m already trying to learn everyone’s names…so far I’m on a roll!

Here are some photos from today. A photo of all the AEPhi’s going to Florence at the airport, a photo of our apartment view, and a beautiful church in the center of the city.








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